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Stay & Play Investment Opportunity

Come enjoy our year-round golfing weather and one of a kind views! The Rim Golf Club Stay & Play package features 2 fantastic golf courses that both rank in the top 15 courses in Arizona. Enjoy average temps of 73 degrees, 2 fantastic clubhouses, along with 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, pickleball, spa, and salon amenities. Our vacation rentals are right on the golf course, they can accommodate up to 4 golfers, and you can drive your golf cart right to the #1 tee from your unit.

Stay & Play Program

The Rim Golf Club and the HOA have designated certain areas of the property to be used for short-term rental opportunities. These areas include the following locations:

  • Mountain Spa Retreat - Lots 313-317
  • Valhalla Golf Villas - Lots 5-9
  • Name TBD - Lots 187-194

Homeowners in these areas have the option to place their home or a portion of their home in the rental pool. If the Owner chooses to make the Unit available for rent, the Unit is required to be part of a single rental pool representing all residential dwelling units in The Rim Golf Club that are available for rent; the rental pool shall be administered and managed by the Golf Club Owner.

Stay & Play Management

Management will maintain a reservation service and check-in procedure for the efficient rental operation benefiting the Unit. Rates will be determined by Management which will be competitive with the market. Management will provide cleaning, maintenance, concierge, and information services to rental clients. The Owner will pay Management a percentage of the revenue for all rentals as compensation for the services provided.

*This is just a brief outline of the program and not a Contract. 

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